In Living Colour


Since I last posted on this subject the intervening fortnight has been filled with the invisible – and slightly tedious – fixing of minor bugs. The sort of work that doesn’t impact the features that the app offers, but does mean that it works as expected in a reliable fashion.

Technical backfilling of this nature goes on with apps all the time, and there’s always the temptation to add one more shiny feature instead of trying to work out why (for example) cards with emoji characters are not moving properly between devices. They do now of course. Sorting that one, and a collection of similar annoyances takes time. It’s important to do it because it allows you to add new features with some confidence that the whole edifice won’t simply collapse in an untidy heap.

Also it’s character forming.

CardBoard has now reached the point where I’m using it myself on a daily basis, and I will be looking for a collection of brave Alpha testers. If you would like early access and you have an iPad2 or more recent, running iOS 6, you can DM me on twitter (@adwelly) or mail me at andydwelly at gmail dot com.


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