18th Century man

I set this blog up in the autumn of last year in anticipation of writing about an iOS app that I had written to help me with my lifelong struggle against my weight. Having done so, I discovered that the app wasn’t giving me a great deal of help over what I was already doing, and secondly I had worked out the answer to a technical question I had been worrying about for about 6 months.

And so silence fell.

…what has actually been going on is that I’ve frantically been using my spare time to implement the new app, rather than writing about it. It’s still a work in progress but a couple of weeks ago I was able to make a video of it in operation.

Things have moved on sufficiently from this point that I’m now almost at the point of producing a second vlog, and so I can post the first in some confidence that I’m going to have more to say.

Why 18th Century ? It turns out that the humble index card was invented by Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778). He used index cards to bring order to the vast collection of biological information that he was trying to systematize.


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