On CocoaPods

At first glance the CocoaPods library management system seems like a little bit of extra ceremony, an otherwise obscure configuration file that adds to the complexity of an OSX or iOS build without offering any obvious advantages. It does replay a little bit of study though.

Consider the one way of including an open source library in your build from Github.

  1. Google the library name to find the Github location.
  2. Download over the zipped source code.
  3. Unzip it and move it into your build directory
  4. Add the file to your XCode build 
  5. Repeat whenever the library changes

or with CocoaPods:

  1. Add the line ‘pod <whatever>’ to your Podfile
  2. type ‘pod install’

The CocoaPods system needs to be installed on your development Mac first of course. Here’s a handy Ray Wenderlich tutorial on how to do that. Note that Mountain Lion will throw an error about documentation while doing this. For the purposes of CocoaPods, that error can be ignored.


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